Thursday, 19 September 2013

My New Favourite Foundation

Ever since I posted a photo of this foundation on Instagram, I've had several people asking for a review on it, so I'm finally doing that today.

I've wanted this foundation pretty much forever but have always been put off by the price. £31 for a foundation is pretty ridiculous when you think about it, especially when you can pick one up from the drugstore for under a tenner. 

I've heard really great things about Chanel Vitalumière Aqua and the foundations that I owned before I bought this one weren't quite cutting it for me. They were either too light, too thick, too pink-toned or too shimmery and overall just not quite right so I really wanted a new foundation that I loved every aspect of.

Some time last year, I came extremely close to buying this product at House of Fraser, however when I asked for it, they had ran out of stock of the shade I wanted. I ended up never going back for it. However, when I did buy this, I had £20 boots voucher which meant I only had to pay £11 which made me feel a lot better about splashing out on a high-end foundation as I didn't really end up 'splashing out', I guess.

Enough of the rambling and on to the actual review. 

Upon first seeing the packaging of this product (well over a year ago now, probably), I didn't like it at all compared to Chanel's other foundations which come in a frosted (glass?) bottle.
However, I have grown to really love it as I'm not scared of it shattering in my makeup bag, it's a nice size and still manages to look sleek. It also has a small sort of "tip" which dispenses the product a million times better than any other foundation pump I've had because you can get the exact amount of product that you want out of it.

I've never been one to love or hate scents on products, but a nice scent that doesn't irritate the skin is always a plus in a product for me. I actually quite like the scent of this foundation, it's quite fresh and almost something you would expect in a skin care product. Not my favourite of all scents, but not something I hate either!

This is the most perfect shade for me ever. I'd always had it in my head of which shade I needed, which is B40 by the way, even though I didn't bother getting colour matched. Not the best thing to do if you want a foundation that matches your skin tone as close as possible, but luckily for me, it worked out pretty well.

Application and Coverage:
I apply this foundation using my fingers as it has quite a watery consistency. I then buff it over and blend it all in using either a Real Techniques buffing brush or expert face brush.
The coverage is light-to medium and very natural looking, making it perfect for the summer or for those days where you just want a lighter coverage. 

For me, Chanel Vitalumière Aqua stays put quite well and with a small dusting of powder over the top it lasts me a good few hours!

Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through this super lengthy review, but I hope it helped if you're considering buying this product, as I'd definitely recommend it!

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