Tuesday, 30 July 2013

H&M Jewellery

I've found  myself reaching for the same pieces of jewellery over the last couple of months and they all happen to be from H&M. 
I find H&M to be one of those shops where you can occasionally find amazing basic pieces - for both clothing and jewellery - for a very good price. It really depends on what you find in store as it's also quite hit and miss sometimes.
Here are some of my favourite pieces: 

Set of silver rings - £3.99

Rings are some of favourite accessories to wear - if not my favourite. I also love wearing multiple rings at a time so when I saw these I knew I had to buy them! They're simple, which I like as they're really easy to wear. Cheap, too. I particularly like the dainty, thinner ones and I wear these as thumb rings. 
The set consists of 3 thicker rings, 3 medium rings and 3 thinner rings. I don't wear the medium ones as much as I find them to be slightly bigger than the others and slip off my fingers, so if I was to wear them, it would be under the thicker one!

Set of gold rings - £3.99

These rings are the gold version of the silver ones shown before! I've worn these less than the silver ones as I only bought them recently. The first time I bought the silver ones, they didn't have any sets of them in gold however, the other day I saw them in a H&M so I had to buy them as I love the silver set so much and I tend to wear more gold jewellery than silver. Now I just wish they would do a set in rose gold!

Rose gold hair clasp - £2 (sale)

I've been meaning to pick up one of these ever since they came out - so that means for a very long time! Whilst buying the gold ring set and browsing the other pieces of jewellery H&M had to offer, I saw this in the sale section for £2 and it was in rose gold, so it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Although, it was only a pound off! I wish I'd bought one sooner now as this adds a really nice finishing touch to the hair. I usually wear it in a high ponytail and paired with other rose gold jewellery.

Gold Chain - around £7.99

So it's fair to say I've been looking for the perfect gold chain for a while and I've finally found it. I saw this in H&M quite a few months back and although I was at first unsure of the flat parts on it, I grew to really love it and it's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I prefer to wear this without wearing much other jewellery - otherwise it can look a bit much. It's perfect for wearing under shirt collars or plain t-shirts.

So they were a few of my favourite pieces of jewellery from H&M and I hope I continue to find more amazing pieces from there!  


  1. Love the hair clasp, I also have those silver rings but after about a week they were no longer silver but a horrible rusty colour!xo