Tuesday, 30 July 2013

H&M Jewellery

I've found  myself reaching for the same pieces of jewellery over the last couple of months and they all happen to be from H&M. 
I find H&M to be one of those shops where you can occasionally find amazing basic pieces - for both clothing and jewellery - for a very good price. It really depends on what you find in store as it's also quite hit and miss sometimes.
Here are some of my favourite pieces: 

Set of silver rings - £3.99

Rings are some of favourite accessories to wear - if not my favourite. I also love wearing multiple rings at a time so when I saw these I knew I had to buy them! They're simple, which I like as they're really easy to wear. Cheap, too. I particularly like the dainty, thinner ones and I wear these as thumb rings. 
The set consists of 3 thicker rings, 3 medium rings and 3 thinner rings. I don't wear the medium ones as much as I find them to be slightly bigger than the others and slip off my fingers, so if I was to wear them, it would be under the thicker one!

Set of gold rings - £3.99

These rings are the gold version of the silver ones shown before! I've worn these less than the silver ones as I only bought them recently. The first time I bought the silver ones, they didn't have any sets of them in gold however, the other day I saw them in a H&M so I had to buy them as I love the silver set so much and I tend to wear more gold jewellery than silver. Now I just wish they would do a set in rose gold!

Rose gold hair clasp - £2 (sale)

I've been meaning to pick up one of these ever since they came out - so that means for a very long time! Whilst buying the gold ring set and browsing the other pieces of jewellery H&M had to offer, I saw this in the sale section for £2 and it was in rose gold, so it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Although, it was only a pound off! I wish I'd bought one sooner now as this adds a really nice finishing touch to the hair. I usually wear it in a high ponytail and paired with other rose gold jewellery.

Gold Chain - around £7.99

So it's fair to say I've been looking for the perfect gold chain for a while and I've finally found it. I saw this in H&M quite a few months back and although I was at first unsure of the flat parts on it, I grew to really love it and it's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I prefer to wear this without wearing much other jewellery - otherwise it can look a bit much. It's perfect for wearing under shirt collars or plain t-shirts.

So they were a few of my favourite pieces of jewellery from H&M and I hope I continue to find more amazing pieces from there!  

Monday, 29 July 2013

3 Summer Outfits

We've recently had amazing weather in the UK so I thought I'd share a few summer outfits that I've been wearing with you all.
If you want to see the outfits in more detail, then feel free to check out my youtube video!

Outfit 1

Satchel - Pimkie

Skirt - Topshop, Sandals (old) - New Look

Top - Topshop

Hair Clasp - H&M

Watch - River Island

Nail Polish - Barry M Coral

This outfit is quite casual so I paired it with a couple of rose gold pieces of jewellery for an added touch. I've been loving rose gold quite a bit recently, so this has been one of my favourite outfits to wear. It's great for the day time if you're going out shopping or for lunch.

Outfit 2

Bag - Primark, Shirt - H&M

Skirt - American Apparel

Gold Chain - H&M

This outfit is a nice one for evening wear as during the day the shirt would probably be too hot! I dressed it up slightly by adding the necklace and clutch bad and although I didn't get a picture of my shoes, I was wearing a pair of Topshop vectras which matched perfectly with the clutch bag as they were a peachy pink colour with gold studs. They're also super comfortable, so I'd definitely recommend a pair.

Outfit 3

Top - Miss Selfridge, Kimono - Monki

Sandals (old) - Topshop

Levi Shorts - Urban Outfitters

Satchel - Pimkie

Necklace - H&M

Rings - H&M

This floral print kimono is perfect for the summer as the material is super light and airy so you're not likely to get too hot! As you may have been able to tell by this post, I've been loving my H&M jewellery at the moment, so a post will be coming your way tomorrow!

Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know in the comments here or on my video!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

MAC Starter Kit

Hey everyone! 
Today I thought I'd do a small post about a MAC Starter Kit which includes products that I would recommend to anyone - whether you've never bought from MAC before, own a couple of items or even if just want to know what products I love to use, then hopefully this will be of some help to you!

I won't go into too much detail with all the products as this post would be quite lengthy and I have a whole 14 minute video if you're interested in knowing more about the products. Watch it here if you like:

Obviously you may have heard of some (or all!) of these products before, especially if you're a big YouTube watcher or Blog reader, so I hope you still find this somewhat interesting!

On to the products:


Studio Fix Fluid foundation - NC30 - £21.50

I love this foundation when I want a slightly higher coverage and need long lasting makeup. It's perfect for a night out as it's also quite buildable and the finish is lovely as it's not completely matte nor is it particularly dewy. If I was to wear this during the day, I'd stick to Winter months as for me, it's a bit to heavy to wear in Summer, however if you like a medium to heavy coverage all year round, then I'd say this is a really good foundation to go for!
I would recommend that, if you are going into MAC for a foundation, to get colour matched by one of the assistants. Just ask them and they'll happily swatch a few shades for you until a good match is found!

Mineralize Skinfinish - Soft and Gentle - £22

This highlighter is a staple in my makeup bag and is almost always in my daily makeup routine. I would recommend this product completely as it's the best highlighter that I've ever tried and it's a holy grail items for me! Although it looks as though it's quite a standard highlight colour (and I guess you could say it is!) it does leave an amazing finish when applied on the face as it's so pigmented! It's not overly shimmery either and gives a radiant glow to your face.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium Dark - £22

This product really does what it says! It's my favourite powder as the finish is (you guessed it) natural. It's quite a light coverage, however that's also something I love about this product. It doesn't leave your face looking cakey and it almost looks like you have no powder on at all, yet it still does the job of mattifying your face (although not completely!) and setting your makeup so it lasts longer.

Powder Blush - Harmony - £18

This blush is a matte finish and as you can see, it's a brown shade, so I personally wouldn't be putting this where I normally apply blush! I use it as a contour colour through my cheekbones and it's perfect for this job as it's a red-toned brown so you have less chance of looking orange! I find that it's a very buildable colour, so you can get a soft or strong contour depending on what you prefer!

Powder Blush - Fleur Power - £18

This is a great everyday, wearable blush colour as it's a pinky-coral shade which is bright but soft. This complements many makeup looks and it's just a great blush. MAC do an amazing range of blushes, so if this one isn't to your taste, I'm sure you'll find one you like if you pop in to one of their stores or counters!


Paint Pot - Bare Study - £15

I a huge fan of the MAC paint pots, they have a super creamy formula and stop your eyeshadow from creasing if you use it as a base. You can also use them on their own just all over the lid as a cream eyeshadow if you just want a wash of colour which is easy and quick to apply. Bare Study is a great one to start with as it's a very light soft chamagne/pearl shade with gold shimmer.

Eyeshadow - Woodwinked - £12.50

This is probably my all time favourite eyeshadow out of any brand, so it's fair to say I had to include it in a starter kit. It's an amazing bronzey gold colour with shimmer and it's finish is veluxe pearl. It's so soft and easy to work with. I'm personally a huge fan of MAC eyeshadows and their range is incredible! I like to wear woodwinked all over the lid and blended well to give a burnt orange shade just at the crease of the lid - doesn't sound great but try it and I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do!

Eyeshadow (pan form) - £10

In my video, I mentioned quite a few different shades so to keep this short and sweet I'll use give you the names and how I'd describe the colour of them:
Naked Lunch: Pearly chamagne
All That Glitters: Light pink beige
Sable: Rose Gold (pictured above)
Satin Taupe: Purple toned taupe/grey with shimmer
Mulch: Light bronze with gold shimmer
Cranberry: Deep red with shimmer


Lipstick - Creme Cup - £15

I absolutely love MAC lipsticks and for me, Creme Cup is the perfect pinky nude colour. I love how it's also a cremesheen finish, making it moisturising but still having a good colour pay off. 

Lipstick - Syrup - £15

If you're not someone who wears nude lipsticks, then Syrup is a great everyday "your lips but better" colour. It's slightly plum toned but still has some pink tones. I wouldn't normally go for something like this but I actually really like it.

Lipstick - Russian Red - Matte

Russian Red is a true blue-toned red shade. It's the perfect red lip shade and what makes it even more better is that although it's a matte finish, I don't find it to be very drying. As it's blue-toned, it make your teeth look whiter which is always a bonus!

So that's it for my MAC Starter Kit! I hope you found this post useful and found some new products to try! 
Just as I was writing this post, I went on the MAC website to find out the prices for all the products and they've gone up AGAIN! I remember when the lipsticks were £12.50 and now their £15! In my opinion, it's ridiculous and MAC should definitely stop raising their prices because as far as I know, there have been no changes to the products to justify the higher prices!
 However, I love MAC as a brand and they have an amazing colour range, particularly in eyeshadows and lipsticks.
Let me know if you have any MAC items you would recommend to me!

Thanks for reading!