Monday, 27 August 2012

Weekly Wishlist #2

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while and that this wishlist is going up straight after the one before. I'll try and add more posts in between next time! I won't be posting this week as i'm going to Spain tomorrow for 10 days but as soon as i'm back i'll try to get back into blogging a lot more!
Anyway, on to this week's Wishlist!

1- Models Own nail polish in Utopia

I've been looking for a really light lilacy-grey nail polish for a long time and I came across Models Own Utopia which is the exact kind of colour that I was looking for. I've heard good things about the Models Own nail polishes but i've never tried them for myself so i'd love to see what this is like. It's £5 from Boots and I think it'd look lovely on its own or with a glitter top coat over it.

2- Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I'm starting to get a lot more into skincare now and I really want to try the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser. I've heard so much about it and how amazing it is but I've never bothered to go out and get it. It's probably because I don't have a John Lewis near me (I think that's the only place you can go out to get it other than online). It's £14.25 for a 100ml bottle and 2 muslin cloths.

3- Studded Clutch

I want a clutch just like this but with gold studs. This one's from Topshop and I know that they do do it with gold studs but I couldn't find it on the website! I also know that Zara do a cheaper version for around £20 (the one from Topshop is £38) but it's a little bit smaller. Apparently Primark do one too and it's very likely that it will be a lot cheaper so i'm going to have to look around for that. It's just a simple clutch with a little bit of detail and perfect for evening meals. It would also go well with almost every outfit!

Thanks for reading!
Sophia xo

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Weekly Wishlist #1

Hey everyone!
So today I decided to do a 'Weekly Wishlist' post which is something i'll obviously be posting about each week... I thought i'd share some of the things with you that have caught my eye recently and I wish to have or want to go out and get. 
There won't always be a certain number of things I want, so one week there may be 2-3 things and another week there may be 5+!
I haven't chosen a specific day of the week when i'll be posting these wishlists, but i'll see what works out best, they also may be posted on completely random days of the week but once I post a few, they will most likely be posted on the same day each week. (Although, i'm not guaranteeing anything!)

So these are just a few things that I really love for this week's Wishlist:

1- Topshop Boots 

When I first saw these Topshop boots, I thought they were absolutely amazing and perfect for Autumn/Winter... then I saw the price tag... They are pretty pricey at £75 and definitely a 'wish' of mine. They would go with any type of dress, skirts, shorts and tights (for colder weather) and also jeans and leggings. Basically anything you can think of! I love the buckle detail at the side too, it makes them more interesting than a normal plain pair, although i'd say these are on the plain side too, but in a nice way. They're also not too chunky, but at the right amount of 'chunkiness' for me... If that makes any sense to you. I'd call them the 'all-rounder' boot, perfect for day to night and almost every outfit!

2- Another pair of Topshop boots

Another pair of boots that I really like... I think i'm really into boots at the moment as i'm really excited for Autumn and Winter, although Summer's normally my favourite season, this one hasn't felt like Summer at all and i'm pretty over it now. These boots are again, from Topshop and slightly more expensive at £85. I'd say they're less wearable than the previous ones, but still something you can get away with wearing everyday. They do the same ones but with gold studs, but I thought this colour was slightly nicer and a lot less 'in-your-face' than the gold ones. I'm still not sure which ones I like more, these studded ones, or the buckle ones as they're both so nice and look like they have the same size heel which I really like. Again, they would go with so many outfits and could either dress-up or dress-down an outfit.

3- Levi Jeans

These Levi jeans are from Urban Outfitters and they're something I've been wanting for quite a while. I recently got a pair of Levi shorts, which I really love but again these will be more practical for Winter time! Although, i'll probably be wearing shorts and tights a lot. All my jeans are a skinny fit, as that's normally what I find looks best on me as i'm pretty small, but I want to try a pair of these on to see how they look and fit. 
I saw a girl the other day on the street wearing these (not these exact ones i'm guessing, but they looked similar) and it made me want them even more as they looked amazing on her! I think they'd go really well with baggy tee's, crop tops or cropped t'shirts, oversized jumpers and vest tops and chunky shoes like creepers (or ones in the photo) and also thick-soled trainers.

That's it for this Weekly Wishlist, I hope you liked the concept of this post and enjoyed reading it!
Sophia xo

Monday, 20 August 2012

OOTE: Leather and Studs

Jeans- Topshop

Leather Jacket- Topshop

 Necklace- Made myself

 Nails- Mint Green by Barry M

 Scrabble ring-

 Earrings- Topshop

 Perfume- DKNY Red Delicious

Hey everyone! Just a quick post on what I wore last night.
I was just heading out to dinner and threw together a semi-casual, semi-smart outfit. 
I recently purchased this leather jacket from Topshop, which actually came with a faux fur collar however I thought the outfit would look better without it. It's detachable, so you can take it on and off whenever you like as it attaches on with buttons and I'd probably wear it a lot more during the winter as it will keep my neck warm!
The top that I'm wearing is from Miss Selfridge but it's actually a dress, so I folded up the bottom a bit and tucked it into my jeans. I find that it's a bit see-through to wear as a dress, but it's great as a top or under anything sheer.
I picked up these stripy jeans in the Topshop sale a while ago and wear them all the time, they're really comfy and I love the fit.
My shoes are just ones I wear over and over again, which are my nude studded flats from Topshop.
I quickly backcombed my hair around the crown just a little bit to give me more volume before I swept it up into a ponytail.
My bag is the same one I wear almost everyday, which is from Ebay (not the same seller, but should be the same bag!)

Thanks for reading, 
Sophia xoxo

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

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